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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

I am so new to this and figured I'd just start writing. Really just blabbing, hoping I'd create a topic to talk about. I had posted to my Instagram to get a poll of who would be interested in seeing me blog/create a YouTube channel and 77% of people are on board for it, whereas 23% of people are not. I never understood why people waste their time following people they do not like... why is that? Why are we, as humans, so attracted to the negative over the positive? I am writing this blog to show people that there are down-to-earth people out there, that want to find the good in everything and even when people try to bring them down, you rise above it! (insert neck twitch). I want to be candid and honest and open with my followers because lets face it, we're all humans; we all judge and in return, we all fear being judged and even worse, rejected. G-d only knows I've been through that and I've learned to block it and RISE ABOVE IT. I've learned to live by my motto's:

1) Why live in the shadow of others, when you can outshine them?

2) I put the "me" in awesoME

I always tell people, respectfully, like me or hate me, either way you're talking about me. Hey, I admit it, I like being the center of attention, I embrace it and if I didn't, I certainly wouldn't have been on the TV show for so many seasons. I chose to put myself out there, in hopes they'd show the real-deal. But of course, while the situations are real, there is editing and character-creating, which is why I'm prompted to this outlet. I want to show everyone who Loren Brovarnik really is - sarcasm, smart remarks, twitches and all.


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