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Love Who You Are

It's been a rough few days and you can literally feel the pain in the air, especially where I live, in a predominately Jewish community. I don't know about you, but I personally am mourning over this horrific tragedy that took place in Pittsburgh. I am so sick over it; it's 2018 folks and we're still dealing with so much antisemitism and overall hate?! Is it me or does it seem like there is more hate, animosity, divide, anger and negativity now than in the last few years? In my last post I wrote about negativity and asked why do we focus on it so much, and I can't help but be sad because the reality is, we are surrounded by negativity and maybe that is why we acknowledge it quicker than positivity? Would you agree with me? People don't like to talk about sensitive topics like this (which is why I started my blog - to talk about things people want to but won't), but if you are feeling sad, ashamed, scared, whatever it may be, I guarantee you this, you are not alone in that and most likely someone you know is probably feeling the same way too.

I was out the other day and there were kids around us and I have to say, I truly envy kids! They have no fear! They don't see color, religion, deformities... they see a new "friend". At what point in our lives do we lose that "blindness" to all those judgements? And at what point do we start acknowledging our fears? Why can't we be "big kids" when it comes to this as we get older? At one point today I was scared to go outside. I deal with crazy anxiety on a daily basis (people who have Tourette Syndrome usually have [bad] anxiety, OCD, depression, insomnia, attention disorders and more - all which I will talk about in other articles) but today I found myself being more alert. I found myself asking "am I going to get attacked because I'm wearing a Jewish star? Or my Hamsa (hand of God)" -- I realize I put myself out there for the public and I take risks doing that, but the fact is, we all take risks every day - going to school (I am an MSD alumni), going to movies, going to synagogue/church, enjoying a concert - it seems the places I grew up believing were safe or went to, to enjoy myself, have become increasingly more of a target nowadays. Alexey said he had never heard of these type of mass shootings in Israel, granted they deal with other things, but I feel so much safer when I am overseas than when I am on home-soil.

Black, white, purple, yellow, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, physical imperfections, obese, anorexic, whatever YOU may be, WE all share this - the fact that we are ALL human and WE all breathe the same air. Take a deep breath and know you just did that with millions of other people, at the same exact time! Unfortunately it takes a tragedy to be reminded of this and I am guilty of doing it too. But to that I say, find that inner kid in you and [try to] use it moving forward. Give someone a hug. Share a smile or a wave. Meet a new "friend". And know that something as little as a kind gesture can make a huge impact on someone else. #spreadlovenothate #makeitcount #iseemrsb #lovewhoyouare



(PS - The picture for this article was from my first trip to Israel 8 years ago when I was a participant on birthright!)

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