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No Doubt ... Not The Band

It's been a while since I've posted a blog here. Truth is, I've been going through a lot of things: 1) I've focused a lot of time with my social media and growing that platform, 2) I've been getting ready for my new job, yes, I start a new job and I'm very excited), and 3) I've been wifing it up (pronounced "wife-ing") during this hiatus I've taken in between working. I gotta be honest with you though, I really enjoyed being a stay-at-home wife. But then again who wouldn't?! Am I right?! Is that selfish of me?! Pilates, cleaning, cooking, errands, being able to bring Alex lunch at work, making sure my husband is happy, etc, etc. Uh hello, I was living the life! There are people out there who need a job and have a hard time finding one (I've been there before and definitely understand that struggle). There are people out there who work 3-4 jobs to make ends' meet and here, I feel like I sound like a greedy little bitch! But I'm not! Not at all actually. I want to stress that I am VERY, VERY excited for this job and this new chapter, but I guess I had just found my routine and was used to it. I just need to find my new routine and I'll be alright. I know I will. Listen, I don't necessarily like spontaneous change. I have to be ready for it, but changes happen whether we are ready for them or not and whether we like them or not. Naturally, I've stressed about my blog, social-media, my online presence, etc. Again, I just need to find that {new} balance between work and personal and make sure I can continue maintaining my work-life and my blog/social media-life. You may ask, well Loren, why do you care so much about that? Read on...

People have been messaging me and asking "Why are you more active on Instagram and Facebook all of a sudden? Why are you doing these "Tuesday Talks? I LOVE THEM and wait all week for them, but why now? It seems like you're fighting for something". Here's the 1000% honest truth and I am NOT ashamed of it. I LOVE being in the spotlight! There, I said it! I always have. It doesn't make me a bad person. if anything it's great that I can admit it! Most people can't admit that at all. What can I say, I'm an extreme extrovert and of course an extreme drama-queen :). I love the attention, I love getting recognized, I love working with companies to do sponsored posts, I love being on TV, etc. But pause for a second; I love being on TV because I love sharing mine and our journey with you all! Granted, it's not what we were expecting in terms of sharing our story, but we absolutely loved doing it and would do it again if given the chance. NOT to be "famous" (we are not famous and we are not celebrities) but because there are so many people in the same situation as us: dealing with immigration, cultural differences, work, starting a family, creating a home together and the list goes on. The shame of it is, so many people only want to see extreme drama; it's like the people lost site of why others go through the K1 process - and that is what we want to continue to share with you all. Not every visa-marriage, and non-visa marriage, is ridiculously dramatic. Sure we have drama, but nothing we don't overcome TOGETHER! Honestly, I have been dealing with jealousy and asking "Why? Why aren't people seeing a couple who defied the odds, overcame tons of obstacles and fought to be together? Why aren't we still in the spotlight?" That's the absolute truth. I am not ashamed to admit it. I think being able to be honest and have the ability to admit things is a rare quality found in people these days. No one wants to admit stuff like that. Cliche, I know, but it's how I feel. THAT my friend, is why I've been more active online and social media; for those who have asked about us and want to see more of us.

There is no doubt that life happens. Again, changes are happening every second, even as I write this article. And whether we like it or not, we have to be ready to adjust to "change" in the snap of a finger. We can either find a way to make it work, or surrender. I choose to make it work! You only have one chance at it, and in the words of my dad "better to say I'll never do it again, than I wish I did".




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