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Haters gonna Hate

I am truly always baffled at the hypocrisy in people. Ya'll, I called a girl a bitch and a gold-digger to her face, not in an aggressive way, but in a TV show-edited way, and I got [crazy] criticized for it. Do I regret what I said? No. Could I have handled it better? Yes. But again, it's edited. Let me ask you this, have you NEVER called someone a bad name like a bitch? Probably worse; I know I have. We all do it. But what I don't understand is how people can say "Loren I cannot believe you called a girl a Bitch to her face! What are you thinking? You're an ugly, twitching, c***" ... uhh whoa, OK, that doesn't scream "I'm a hypocrite" or anything. And not only that, but that is such old news. Like move on. We as humans tend to harp on negativity. But why? We can do 10 positive things but when we do that 1 negative thing that counteracts it, THAT is what we remember... Why? To add to this negativity, WHY DO PEOPLE FOLLOW SOMEONE THEY DON'T LIKE? I really never understood that. Call me old-fashioned but I want to and do follow people who put a smile on my face, inspire me, make me laugh, etc. Why are we do inept to putting negativity before positivity? I know I'm crazy, but am I that crazy for wanting to put the good before the bad?

A Challenge: Once a day, take something negative (a thought, an act, a comment, anything) and turn it into a positive. Just one. Feel better about it. You're welcome.

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