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Thankful For...

We always tend to be thankful for the "bigger" things in life; shelter, a good job, a family, food, etc. But what about the little things that make us happy? On Thursday's, I will talk about what I am thankful for and maybe we even share the same thing. I'm thankful for finding Pilates. It sounds silly, yes, but I want to let you all know how doing Pilates has really changed my life, for the better! As you know, and if you don't, you do now, I struggle with Fibromyalgia, along with other issues (which I'll get into via other articles, down the road). I've tried running, which crushed my knees, working out at the gym, but I get [very easily] distracted, I did yoga for years, and I LOVE it still, but I wanted something more challenging that would get my heart racing. Welcome, Pilates! My girl friend told me about it, forced me to go to a class with her, and it was the best thing I got introduced to, besides Alexey, of course.

I often get asked, "what kind of work out do you do?" and "what are your eating habits", etc. Let me preface this by saying I am a horrible eater! Well, I used to be. I still have my days, and it's OK to splurge and treat yourself! But going back to, the key is, YOU have to WANT it! Nearly 18 months ago I quit smoking (yes, I was a heavy smoker) and taking a medication, adderall (on it for 7.5 years); I quit cold turkey! I still have my cravings, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. If you're struggling with that and want to discuss it, let me know (I can keep it anonymous) and I will gladly share more in depth what motivated me to quit, how I did it, and how I'm doing today. Going back to topic, since I've quit, I gained 23lbs - yes, me. Gained 23lbs in a year! I needed to do something, but I wasn't ready, I didn't want it yet. A few months ago I tried Pilates and it changed my life! Not only was it a workout that didn't hurt me physically, it also helped me psychologically! For the first time in a long time, I felt those endorphins running, my blood flowing and I felt like I had done a job well done after that workout. From there I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of fruits and veggies, because I felt so good! I was ready to slowly get back in track. It's funny how something so little can have such a big impact on a person! But of course, baby steps. Fast forward to today and I'm down 11lbs, toned up, snacking on fruits vs cookies (I still have ice cream or a dessert every single night after dinner) and overall I just feel like a better me! I currently go to Reforming Pilates in Bay Harbor 2-3 times a week (check them out on Instagram, @reformingpilates) and I absolutely love it!

Side Note: if you're in the south Florida area and want to go, let me know! We can go together!

For me personally, it's the little things that mean the most. Slow and steady wins the race. You can take the absolute smallest step towards a goal, even if it means having oatmeal vs home fries or a piece of fruit vs cookies. The point is, to look at the positive, you took that step, that's something to be thankful for and GOOD FOR YOU! I encourage you to find something "little" but has made a huge impact on you, for the better. For me, it's Pilates. Ask yourself "what makes me happy?" and THAT is what you should be thankful for today [and every day]. Acknowledge it, embrace it, continue it. But remember, you have to WANT it. <3



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