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The Age of the Screen

WOW it has been a while! 2 months actually! Sorry about that. So I've been on a bit of a hiatus with the blog here; adjusting to work-life again, got a laptop [that works] so now I have no more excuses to not be more active here. I've also started my #tuesdaytalks on Instagram. At the request of a LOT of people, I will work on a VLOG eventually, but let me get back into the swing of things here and find my routine.

There are just so many things I want to talk about and I don't know where to begin, so I'll talk about the age of the screen. This has been a big topic of discussion around me lately and just the difference in society from when I was a kid/teenager to now... #adultingAF.

As you know I get a LOT of messages and comments on the reg and I try my best to read every single one of them, the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent. Now, as a HUMAN, of course the bad ones are going to stick out to me because that's what we do; we gravitate towards the bad (which I've mentioned in previous posts). But first let me say, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TAKES TIME TO COMMENT POSITIVE COMMENTS AND WELL WISHES - I SEE YOU AND I HEAR YOU AND I APPRECIATE YOU AND I LOVE YOU TOO!

Ok, back to what I was saying - I think the reason I really gravitate to these bologna comments or pay any attention to them is because, call me old-fashioned, but WHY DOES ANYONE TAKE TIME OUT OF THEIR DAY TO GENERATE NEGATIVE WISHES, COMMENTS, THOUGHTS TO SOMEONE ELSE?! WHY?! Like really, who does that? I have to laugh at it because that person has to be super lonely, bored or think they are a someone to take time out of their day to tell me I twitch, that my mouth is crooked, that I've put on weight, that I cry a lot and so on and so on; spoiler alert -- I KNOW THIS. (Insert laughs) - I have Tourette Syndrome, remember? I've had nearly 20 oral surgeries, hence the "crooked mouth", I'm the one eating the food, I'm in a really happy place in my life, boo-freaking-hoo, and emotional is an understatement to say the least - I cry at a good Hallmark Movie; THIS IS WHO I AM! If you don't like it, don't follow me.

Why do people do that? Why do people follow others they don't look up to, but want to bring down? Am I the only one who doesn't do this? I enjoy following or looking at people that put a smile on my face and that inspire me, professionally and personally. My absolute favorite is when someone DOESN'T follow me, but comments, message and go as far as to email me to tell me how much they don't like me... umm thanks? But the truth is... would they say it to my face, or only because they are hidden behind a screen? I remember growing up, when I hung out with friends, we didn't have a screen or a phone to hide behind... we actually talked with each other, played video games and did stupid kid/teenage shit. Who had their own phone line?! Raise your hand PROUDLY! Ugh I remember the days when I would come home from school, run to the den and wait for a phone call from a friend [to my own personal phone line] and we'd talk about who knows what and pick out outfits from the Delia's catalog together! All while listening to Spice Girls, then transitioning to Ja Rule and Ashanti. Ahh the good old days! #nostalgia #multitasker

Listen, we have all made mistakes, we've all said things about or to people: how many people have called someone a bitch or an idiot or other mean words? Raise your hand, it happens and it's okay, we all do it. But how many of you have or would say it to that person's face? Here's the thing, what people see from me is edited; yes I say things I say, but it's edited. If you truly follow me, you see I am NOT a bully. I am NOT a mean girl, but the picture to this blog post, THAT is a bully and that IS a mean person! I can't even call him a man because that would be an honor for him. I'm not using this picture to give anyone recognition or feed into it, but to say that I guarantee this coward wouldn't say it to my face but thinks he is so big and bad because this is "the age of the screen".

Put your phone down for a minute, take a look around and absorb what you see because nothing is every going to be the same for every second passes us by.



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