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What You See Isn't Always What You Get

So I was in Nashville this past weekend, beautiful city by the way, but I realized that everything is the same. Like very cookie-cutter. Everyone has perfectly done hair, their makeup is flawless and dressed to the absolute cutest. BUT it made me think, there is definitely more to it than what we see. I mean we are ALL human! We all deal with issues. That's not a fake fact; it's the truth, but anyways... I know we have images to maintain in today's society, but why?? What is so wrong about standing out? WHY do we have to have the perfect Instagram picture? Why do we have to "dress to impress" always? I mean if you're single and ready to mingle, I get it, but to the bigger picture, why are people so obsessed with being the perfect image than with just loving the card they were dealt? I am no Ace of Spades, I'm definitely a Queen (to Alex - See what I did there), but in my mind I'm a solid 8 of hearts. I have my flaws, I've made my mistakes, but I keep on loving. I'd say diamonds, but I'm not that fancy -- yet :).

Listen, I know it's easier said than done and I know it's not for everyone and TRUST ME I know what it's like to be bullied and worry what people think, but there comes a place and a time where you just wake up and say "fuck it"... THIS IS ME! It can happen when you least expect it. But the sooner it happens, the happier you will be. Since I started showing who I really am via social media and here, I have seen things differently! I have smiled more. I have laughed harder. There are days where people closest to me have a hard time dealing with what I deal with, and it's OK - I don't hold it against them - and there are days when I feel alone, BUT looking THROUGH it, I know I am not alone. Really. With all the billions of people in the world I really am not alone and neither are you!

So how do I become so brave, how do I stay positive and how do I just go about my day, you ask? I think from my past experiences, I've learned that at the end of the day, life is very short and there is life after high-school, college, work, etc. I know when you're there it seems like the end of the world but listen up, it's NOT! YOU WILL BE FINE! Remember, I just got fired for not being liked - I had my "moments" but I am fine. I have never been one to sit back and listen, it's just not my style. I have ALWAYS been the one to say what others are thinking and voice my opinion. I know it's easier said than done to "not care what people think" because truth is, of course I do; I care that you are enjoying reading this, I care that people see there are people who go through the K1 Visa and Green Card for the right reason, I care that you like my outfit of the day and deal that I got with it, I care that when you go and buy something I promote you love it because it's my name on it and I enjoy sharing it with you. But I don't care if you like the person I am, because I DO! And THAT is what you have to tell yourself! Do YOU like who you are? Do YOU like what you did today? That is ALL THAT MATTERS love! Buy that shirt you cant stop thinking about. Get that expensive glass of wine at dinner. Add on a 10-min massage to your pedicure (ugh that sounds amazing right now), but do something, even if it's the smallest thing I just mentioned, for YOU! YOU deserve it! And the sooner you can see how important YOU are, the sooner you can see how brave you are, just like me. And the sooner you can see that every imperfection makes everything perfectly fine, the sooner you will have self-love and acceptance. Because NO ONE is perfect! I repeat NO ONE is perfect! Everyone is going through something, but you can go through it knowing you are loved and not alone. Hi there, I'm with you! Oy vey, I cannot stress it enough! Even writing this, there will be haters that have something to say... cool, good for you if you hate on this, I'm done focusing my energy on that. Like girl, bye. With time, I have learned that the more you focus on the good, the happier you are. It's not rocket science, it's every-day life. And like me or hate me, either way you're talking about me. I like being the center of attention, but I admit it and embrace it. Embrace what you love! Love who you are!

Love Always,



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